Diagnostig Limited

Diagnostig Limited was established in 2012 as a Point of Care (PoC) diagnostics company. Diagnostig is a spin-out from Bangor University and was created to deliver unique devices for the diagnosis of Mycobacterial infections (including Tuberculosis) based on a proprietary lipid technology.

Diagnostig’s core technology centres on the ability to manufacture specific mycolic acids which are components of the cell walls of mycobacteria. The benefits of this approach include

  • These unique molecules are potent and selective signalling agents in the immune system
  • They have potential as prophylactic and therapeutic agents and can control asthma in an experimental mouse model
  • They have applications as adjuvants
  • The molecules can be used to identify the serum of people infected with active TB
  • Diagnostig are developing simple devices that can be used without access to a specialist laboratory