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Professor Mark Baird – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Baird spent some 40 years as an academic in Newcastle and Bangor Universities. The core of his research was in molecules containing small rings of carbon atoms. In recent years, his group has published the first syntheses of a range of types of mycolic acid, and of their trehalose esters. These molecules are key components of the cell envelope of mycobacteria and a number of related species. They have unique effects on the immune system, which are being examined through a number of collaborations, and are very effective in serodiagnostic assays for tuberculosis. With Chris Gwenin, Mark set up Diagnostig to ensure these highly bioactive molecules are fully exploited. Mark has published over 200 research papers and is an inventor on a number of patents. As an academic, he collaborated widely with companies and other academics in five continents.


Don Cardy Ph.D. Chief Commercial Officer

Don has over 20 years experience in the medical diagnostics industry and a highly experienced product developer and R&D leader; responsible for numerous molecular technology innovations and assays. Skills include IP creation and management, product development, project management, technology assessment and due diligence, licensing, as well as fund raising. Don has held executive positions with Cytocell, British Biocell International, Dragon Diagnostics, Sophimark and Diagnostig. He has undertaken consultancy roles for bioscience and healthcare businesses for the past 10 years, as well as a Business coaching role for Oxford Innovation.


Malcolm Jones Ph.D. Chairman, IP Manager

Malcolm was previously employed in Industrial Research and Technology Management in the Chemical Industry with assignments in the UK, USA and Germany. His final role, before retirement, was as Vice-President of Technology for Dow Reichhold Speciality Latex LLC, in North Carolina USA.


Mike Davies, Corporate director

Qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1982, Mike Davies was appointed as Director of Finance at Bangor University in 2009, following over 30 years of commercial experience in industry.

During Mike’s commercial career he held a wide range of senior finance roles, including positions as Financial Controller, Finance Director and Head of Group Treasury. This experience was gained in a range of companies in the construction, engineering, transport and power industries, including BNFL Plc, Magnox Electric Plc, Nuclear Electric Plc and National Power Plc. In addition to these operational roles at group and subsidiary level, Mike also had responsibility for leading a number of major projects, notably corporate restructurings, disposals and reconfiguration of group pension funds.

As Director of Finance for the University, he is a member of the Executive and a director of a number of the University’s subsidiary companies, spin-outs and other sector wide bodies. As well as leading the University’s central finance services team of around 40 staff, he oversees the commercial services activities and leads the implementation of the University’s financial strategy, planning and control activities.

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